Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Error E13 on Canon MP258

This time I will discuss the E13 Error on the MP258. This incident may be quite confusing for who have never experienced it. OK just go to the scene ...

Early indications: When the printer is turned on the LCD panel shows the number 1 and looks OK, but after the print command, it will show error E13 on this MP258. Here's a picture which appears on the screen:

Canon iP2770 13x Orange Blink

This time I will discuss Blink 13x Orange on the Canon iP2770. This incident may be quite confusing for who have never experienced it. OK just go to the scene ...

Early indications: When the printer is turned on seems OK, but after the print command, it would appear Blink iP2770 Canon 13x Orange on this. Here's a picture which appears on the screen:


Because of its popularity, the teenagers were competing to throw themselves into the sea of social media without the depth of it. They use these networks use them as adults. Menshare pictures, connect with friends, organizing events and playing games. And this could invite trouble. In general, Facebook provides a way safe for all ages to communicate with their friends. However, as reported by many media, social networks can be dangerous places, and children are the most risky. However, with proper guidance, you can teach baby about the dangers of social media and provide them the tools to protect themselves from online predators, protect personal information, maintain an online reputation and avoid dangerous downloads that can harm your PC.

9 EASY STEPS Connect Visual Foxpro With MySQL

Visual FoxPro or VFP is often referred to as integration with its own relational database engine which extends FoxPro's xbase with the ability to support SQL query also data manipulation. In other words, VFP has its own database to store all data that has been entered into the user's application of this service. But in VFP different database with the database that we often encounter, such as MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL, etc.. What distinguishes a database from the fox-pro with other databases can be seen from the capacity of its maximum capacity. VFP Database accommodate, much less data than the stand-alone database (MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL), and it became the main feature of the VSP database with 3rd party database capacity. 3rd party database record can accommodate more than its own database of VSP. Here we will try to incorporate Visual Foxpro application with MySQL database. This is very useful for people using VFP database to add more data capacity. The steps can you see below:

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Computer Virus

A computer virus is a program that is designed to copy itself into other programs. When the other programs are run, they carry out the virus’s instructions, either instead of or in addition to their own. Since one of the primary tasks 110 computer virus programmed into a virus is to reproduce itself, a virus program can spread rapidly. Viruses are generally programmed to seek out program files that are likely to be executed in the near future, such as those used by the operating system during the startup process. The result is a copy that can in turn generate an additional copy, and so on. (A virus disguised as an innocuous program is sometimes called a Trojan, short for “Trojan horse.” A distinction is sometimes made between viruses and worms. A worm generally uses flaws in a networking system to send copies to other machines, without needing to insert code into a program.)
Appearing in the 1980s, the first computer viruses were generally spread by infecting programs on floppy disks, which were often passed between users. Today, viruses generally have instructions that enable them to gain access to network facilities (such as e-mail) to facilitate their spreading to other systems on a local network or on the Internet.


Understanding Operating Systems Operating system (OS) or often called the operating system is a set of basic commands which plays to run and operate a computer. Now these many kinds of operating systems on the market either the original or a bootleg. There are some operating systems that we usually encounter in the market is Windows, Unix, Linux and many more who lainya.Dari many operating systems The outstanding, the company's operating system Microsoft is the most popular for notebook PC users, even mobile phones and PDAs even with its mobile-based operating system. From some of these operating systems, operating systems can be used freely aka open sourc ROBLEM linux. This operating system is used for educational purposes, another case with cell phone and PDA vendors, the more menyasarkan vrndor products to use the company's mobile operating system is microsoft windows. Just like in the pc or notebook operating system on your PDA or cell phone has a few versions and face to face nearly the same, ranging from the windows mobile version 5.0 until vista

Operating System Characteristics Of Generation I - Generation V

History of Operating Systems

1. Generation I (1945-1955): Vacuum Tubes and Plugboard
§ Large Machinery § Composed of thousands of large-sized transistor § Operation of the machine is done by a plugboard that was designed by programmers § The problems solved in the form of successive approximations (eg sine table) § Using plong cards in mid-1950 to make the program

2. Generation II (1955-1965): Transistor and bacth system
§ Computers began to be produced for commercial purposes § Known for processing by the system bacth § facilitate operator tasks

3. Generation III (1965-1980): ICs and Multiprogramming