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Computer Virus

A computer virus is a program that is designed to copy itself into other programs. When the other programs are run, they carry out the virus’s instructions, either instead of or in addition to their own. Since one of the primary tasks 110 computer virus programmed into a virus is to reproduce itself, a virus program can spread rapidly. Viruses are generally programmed to seek out program files that are likely to be executed in the near future, such as those used by the operating system during the startup process. The result is a copy that can in turn generate an additional copy, and so on. (A virus disguised as an innocuous program is sometimes called a Trojan, short for “Trojan horse.” A distinction is sometimes made between viruses and worms. A worm generally uses flaws in a networking system to send copies to other machines, without needing to insert code into a program.)
Appearing in the 1980s, the first computer viruses were generally spread by infecting programs on floppy disks, which were often passed between users. Today, viruses generally have instructions that enable them to gain access to network facilities (such as e-mail) to facilitate their spreading to other systems on a local network or on the Internet.


Understanding Operating Systems Operating system (OS) or often called the operating system is a set of basic commands which plays to run and operate a computer. Now these many kinds of operating systems on the market either the original or a bootleg. There are some operating systems that we usually encounter in the market is Windows, Unix, Linux and many more who lainya.Dari many operating systems The outstanding, the company's operating system Microsoft is the most popular for notebook PC users, even mobile phones and PDAs even with its mobile-based operating system. From some of these operating systems, operating systems can be used freely aka open sourc ROBLEM linux. This operating system is used for educational purposes, another case with cell phone and PDA vendors, the more menyasarkan vrndor products to use the company's mobile operating system is microsoft windows. Just like in the pc or notebook operating system on your PDA or cell phone has a few versions and face to face nearly the same, ranging from the windows mobile version 5.0 until vista

Operating System Characteristics Of Generation I - Generation V

History of Operating Systems

1. Generation I (1945-1955): Vacuum Tubes and Plugboard
§ Large Machinery § Composed of thousands of large-sized transistor § Operation of the machine is done by a plugboard that was designed by programmers § The problems solved in the form of successive approximations (eg sine table) § Using plong cards in mid-1950 to make the program

2. Generation II (1955-1965): Transistor and bacth system
§ Computers began to be produced for commercial purposes § Known for processing by the system bacth § facilitate operator tasks

3. Generation III (1965-1980): ICs and Multiprogramming

Process State Diagram

There are three basic state in the process, ie running, ready, and blocked.


The global crisis we are experiencing at this time would make us be more creative in every way. Several ways the company to save on expenses, even to the things that used to be considered trivial.
One example is a problem printing the document using the printer.
Type of printer that is considered economical type inkjet printer. In addition to the cheap price of the printer, are also widely available ink refill (refill) that can be injected themselves or hire the services of an increasingly refill centers are mushrooming in major cities. Of course, with its own risks that must be borne in case of damage after the injection is not true. :)
The following tips you can apply for some expenditure savings of printers used by your company or personal:

The following tips please click

On Choosing Type of Printer Inkjet Ink

The ink used is a liquid ink that can be divided into:
1. Dye base Ink
The ink is widely in use on a standard inkjet printer that is circulating in Indonesia in general.
The type and nature of the ink:
- Easily soluble in water / non water resist - Having more color variants / wide color gamut - Less resistance to change of weather and time / poor UV resistance and weakest Longevity ratings.

Replace Blogger Icon in Address Bar

Not that i do not know to thank the bloggers who have been providing free service for the bloggers of this blog, but changes to the bloggers who until that extreem degree preferred the web (blogs), free master;-) Unlike other blog services are sometimes many restrictions; this ga may, it is prohibited. But bloggers like everything is okay. Whatever the freedom of expression by changing the appearance of even the logo remains blogspot name alongside the names of the bloggernya except if passengers in the freedomain One expression that emang've known long enough to change the icon of the bloggers are bloggers like the picture on this side with our own homemade icon but for immigrants this new new stuff. Here are my tips for bloggers how do I change the icon with our own homemade icon.

---Download File Complete Here---

Happy to Try...

5 Mistakes In exchange Linked To Increase Page Rank

Although PageRank is no longer influential in the SERP, cultural exchange link-exchange still occurs in the blogosphere. This is because the PageRank is still a separate presitse about the success of a blog. And also despite the SERP is not affected by PageRank, but indirectly the quantity, quality, and relevance of backlinks in a blog remains influential in the rankings in the SERP.
Google itself actually did expressly forbid-exchange rate link, as mentioned in the official website:

Your site’s ranking in Google search results is partly based on analysis of those sites that link to you. The quantity, quality, and relevance of links count towards your rating. The sites that link to you can provide context about the subject matter of your site, and can indicate its quality and popularity. However, some webmasters engage in link exchange schemes and build partner pages exclusively for the sake of cross-linking, disregarding

Advertise Float On Blog "PopUp Windows" Accompanied With Close Button

Want to know how to put ads on blogs like a floating NAFCOM? Easy koq.
Follow step ya step ...

1. Log in to Blogger and then select "Layout" 2. Click on "Page Elements" then choose "Add a Gadget -> HTML / Javascript" (The place is up to you). 3. Then Copy Paste the code below: 


<style type="text/css">

# Gb {

How to Make Pop Up Ads (Float)

Sometimes we are often distracted by the pop-up ads that are always followed and often too close article we are reading. So we are forced to pup-up ads have to close it. But for our publishers with a window pop up ads, ads that we can more effectively and certainly can add to our earnings. Because visitors would be drawn to pop up ads and will automatically read and if the visitors would also be interested in clicking on our ads. Here is the code to make a window pop up:

<style type="text/css"> # Topbar { position: absolute; top: 600px; left: 600px; border: 3px # 00FF00; padding: 2px; background-color: black; width: 620px; visibility: hidden; z-index: 100; } </ Style> src="" <script type="text/javascript"> </ Script>
<div <div id="topbar"> <div align="right"> <A href = "" onclick = "closebar (); return false" style = "color: gray; font-style: italic; font-weight: bold; "> <button> Close </ button> </

How To Know Location Number Mobile Phones with HLR lookup

Have you ever bothered someone with an unknown number? Maybe you're curious, in locations where mobile numbers come from?
For example, I want to know the number is 081312345678 which area numbers. The trick, use the
HLR LookUp!
Type the mobile number you are looking for, then click the Search button. HLR Lookup give the result that the numbers are derived from SERANG. Easy, right?
Please try!
See also:
Introducing HLR LookUp


     * At the time of this writing, only supports the international sympathy and the U.S..

How to Install Linux Using FlashDisk

In this tutorial I want to explain a tutorial on how to install Linux using a flash. This method is claimed to be easier and faster than if we install Linux using a CD or DVD media. Almost all kinds of Linux distributions also support the installation using the flash.
Before that you need a minimum of 1GB of flash size. You also need the UNetbootin for Linux iso extract files into flash. In addition, your PC or laptop must support booting from flash.
UNetbootin is available for Windows and Linux. But in this tutorial I use the UNetbootin application for Windows. Because I am using Macintosh OS so I'm using Windows in a Virtual with VMware Fusion application.
Here are links Download UNetbootin application please check:

 Download Aplication UNetbootin for Windows here
 Download Aplication UNetbootin for Linux here
Once everything is prepared, you can begin to install Linux using the flash.

How to Care Printer and Infuse Printer

If you have a printer, there are some things to look for printers to durable and work well. How to treat them was fairly easy and efficient. Here's how to care for the printer to remain durable.

  1. If you use a drip system printer, then assign the printer parallel or higher (5-10 cm) than the infusion tube and before the printer is turned on make sure the air holes in the tube infusion (infusion of small cap) has been opened.
  2. Try to turn on the printer every day either for nge-print or not. This aims to avoid the rigidity of the ink in the printhead. (Recommended for nge-print even if only 1 sheet).
  3. Use ink in accordance with the brand of printer. If you use the mark before the ink A and want to move / replace to brand B does not matter as long as the printer must match the brand.
  4. Never one to fill the color ink into the cartridge or tube infusion. Basically the ink has 4 primary colors namely black, blue, red and yellow. Because if it is mixed with a little ink colors will be damaged and if it was already mixed with the ink cartridge or tube must be drained and refilled

How to Open a File .UIF

I just finished downloading the file size is big enough to use Deluge BitTorrent Client. When finished, it turns out the file format .UIF, a new file format that I know. UIF (Universal Image Format) image format is CD / DVD compressed. To open it must be converted first into the format. ISO, then mounted and opened using a virtual CD program, such as Daemon tools or Furious ISO mounted, or burned (burn) directly to CD / DVD. To change the file. UIF in Windows, you can use Magic ISO maker program. While in Ubuntu, can use the command uif2iso. Here's how to install and use uif2iso:

1. Download file here.
2. Extract the file (type unzip-d / uif2iso
3. Open a terminal, and into the subfolder. / Src directory (type cd / uif2iso/src)
4. Type make
5. Type sudo make install

Saturday, January 29, 2011

OverClocking my Processor Led to Data Loss in Seagate Barracuda

With the extra space that I got and the partitions I created, it was too much fun. I loved to make changes in the BIOS and wherever possible. But, never did I expect that I will face problems after I started trusting it with some sensitive and critical information. Though, I had various options for data recovery services in New Jersey, hardly did I expect that I will have to rely on one.

After just 3 weeks of using it, one fine day, when I started my system installed with Windows XP, abruptly the system stopped responding and I received an error message stating that over-clocking or over voltage may have occurred.

Optimize your Computer

A PC that has not had regular maintenance will slowly grind to a halt and need computer repairs, depending on the mileage you put on it. If you follow the steps outlined here, your PC will run just as good as the day you brought it home from the electronics store.
The first thing to check to begin optimizing your system is the task bar in the lower right hand corner of your desktop display. If you see more than say 10 tasks running, you may be exceeding the capacity of your system’s random access memory. Hold your mouse over the icon, right click, and shut down any tasks you do not need.

All Windows-based PC’s are notorious for storing offline web pages on your machine without you even knowing it. The reason this is done is to speed up your internet surfing and other tasks. Over time, this cache of stored pages can become very large. To delete them, click your Computer icon, then right-click on your hard drive, in most cases this is the C drive. Choose Properties, and then choose Disk Cleanup from the options. This utility will tell you exactly how much space will be cleared by this operation, and if you haven’t performed this operation in a while, it could run quite a while.