Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to Care Printer and Infuse Printer

If you have a printer, there are some things to look for printers to durable and work well. How to treat them was fairly easy and efficient. Here's how to care for the printer to remain durable.

  1. If you use a drip system printer, then assign the printer parallel or higher (5-10 cm) than the infusion tube and before the printer is turned on make sure the air holes in the tube infusion (infusion of small cap) has been opened.
  2. Try to turn on the printer every day either for nge-print or not. This aims to avoid the rigidity of the ink in the printhead. (Recommended for nge-print even if only 1 sheet).
  3. Use ink in accordance with the brand of printer. If you use the mark before the ink A and want to move / replace to brand B does not matter as long as the printer must match the brand.
  4. Never one to fill the color ink into the cartridge or tube infusion. Basically the ink has 4 primary colors namely black, blue, red and yellow. Because if it is mixed with a little ink colors will be damaged and if it was already mixed with the ink cartridge or tube must be drained and refilled with new ink.

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