Saturday, January 29, 2011

OverClocking my Processor Led to Data Loss in Seagate Barracuda

With the extra space that I got and the partitions I created, it was too much fun. I loved to make changes in the BIOS and wherever possible. But, never did I expect that I will face problems after I started trusting it with some sensitive and critical information. Though, I had various options for data recovery services in New Jersey, hardly did I expect that I will have to rely on one.

After just 3 weeks of using it, one fine day, when I started my system installed with Windows XP, abruptly the system stopped responding and I received an error message stating that over-clocking or over voltage may have occurred.

After searching greatly I found that since I had over-clocked my processor, it had abruptly stopped functioning. This could have happened as the components of the processor had been destroyed due to overclocking. This had my system non responsive. No matter how much I tried to make amends, the system refused to let me access it. I instantly took the hard drive out and tried to access it with my laptop. But the laptop refused to acknowledge the presence of my Barracuda. No amount of searching revealed any results, and the worst thing was that the hard drive

was not readable.

Not being able to get anything, I decided to contact the experts of data recovery services in NJ. It was not difficult to avail data recovery in New Jersey, as the place is a hub of various small, medium and large businesses. Needless to say, I did my homework to choose the best provider of the same, as the importance and safety of the data could not be compromised. Since, I wanted a company that had transparent way of working, and didn't want to shell out much money, in case data was not recoverable, I zeroed in on one company that had offices worldwide. My company had experts in data recovery, proprietary tools and techniques to recover data from inaccessible desktop computer hard drives. In fact my company had competency in recovering data from just any kind of storage media, be it memory cards, USB drives, RAID arrays, servers, and many more.

Stellar Data Recovery Inc., a part of Stellar Information Systems Ltd., an ISO 9001:2008 certified company has Class 100 clean rooms, and more than 17 years of experience in data recovery services.

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