Sunday, January 30, 2011


Understanding Operating Systems Operating system (OS) or often called the operating system is a set of basic commands which plays to run and operate a computer. Now these many kinds of operating systems on the market either the original or a bootleg. There are some operating systems that we usually encounter in the market is Windows, Unix, Linux and many more who lainya.Dari many operating systems The outstanding, the company's operating system Microsoft is the most popular for notebook PC users, even mobile phones and PDAs even with its mobile-based operating system. From some of these operating systems, operating systems can be used freely aka open sourc ROBLEM linux. This operating system is used for educational purposes, another case with cell phone and PDA vendors, the more menyasarkan vrndor products to use the company's mobile operating system is microsoft windows. Just like in the pc or notebook operating system on your PDA or cell phone has a few versions and face to face nearly the same, ranging from the windows mobile version 5.0 until vista
windows mobile version. Vendor normal PDA or cell phone using the operating system including 02, Samsung. Doppod And sony ericson for some type.
Development of Operating System
The development of operating systems Starting from Altair, the first computer device in 1975 using the operating system CP / M and later by the company Microsoft released into MS-DOS and MS-DOS evolved from version 1.0 in 1981 to MS-DOS version 5.0 in 1991 and until now Microsoft has issued several operating systems ranging from MS-windows, windows97, Windows98, windows98Me, Windows2000.Windows ME, Windows XP is the latest and the most famous vista windows with face to face.

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