Sunday, January 30, 2011

On Choosing Type of Printer Inkjet Ink

The ink used is a liquid ink that can be divided into:
1. Dye base Ink
The ink is widely in use on a standard inkjet printer that is circulating in Indonesia in general.
The type and nature of the ink:
- Easily soluble in water / non water resist - Having more color variants / wide color gamut - Less resistance to change of weather and time / poor UV resistance and weakest Longevity ratings.

- Drying time of ink on the print media much longer in comparison with pigment ink.
Dye ink is then developed again become Dye Sublimation ink, which ink of this type in use on special print media, such as mugs, t-shirts and ceramics.
Development of the type and nature of the ink:
- Resistant to water, weather and time / good durability - Requires heating process / heating for optimal results
2.Pigment Ink
The ink is also in use on inkjet printers with more advanced technology.
The type and nature of this ink:
- More resistant to water / Water resist - Not as many color variants Dye Ink / small color gamut - More resistant to weather changes and time / Strength longetivy UV resistance and strong ratings. - Drying time of ink on the print media faster than the ink Dye Ink - Color and more solid ink particles on the print paper.

To all types of latest ink has properties resistant to gas, water, light and time.
Dye Ink conclusion is only used in Dye-based printers or Standart Printer Ink Printer. Can be used daily for printing the document type, image or photo.
While only used in Pigment Ink Pigment Ink Printer-based printer. Usually used for business purposes such as in printing digital printing etc..
Pigment Ink Printer Usage in the Standard may result in clogged print head. This is due to Pigment Ink has ketentalan higher than Dye Ink. Therefore, adjust the type of printer you use so that your printer can work optimally.
And if you are already clogged print head, you can use duraklin liquid to clean the print head. 


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