Sunday, January 30, 2011

How to Install Linux Using FlashDisk

In this tutorial I want to explain a tutorial on how to install Linux using a flash. This method is claimed to be easier and faster than if we install Linux using a CD or DVD media. Almost all kinds of Linux distributions also support the installation using the flash.
Before that you need a minimum of 1GB of flash size. You also need the UNetbootin for Linux iso extract files into flash. In addition, your PC or laptop must support booting from flash.
UNetbootin is available for Windows and Linux. But in this tutorial I use the UNetbootin application for Windows. Because I am using Macintosh OS so I'm using Windows in a Virtual with VMware Fusion application.
Here are links Download UNetbootin application please check:

 Download Aplication UNetbootin for Windows here
 Download Aplication UNetbootin for Linux here
Once everything is prepared, you can begin to install Linux using the flash.

Open Applications UNetbootin is already stored in the computer.

Click 2x UNetbootin and then click Run Application
After UNetbootin application is open, Select DiskImage (1), then Select the ISO (2), Next click the Browse button (3).
Then Find Files *. iso that you have saved in your computer. This time I use the Desktop Edition Ubuntu 10.04. After that, click Open.

Check the column Show All Drives (Use with care) (1), the Type field select the USB Drive (2), in column Drive (3) select the Drive Letter you wish to install flash [E:], and then click OK (4 .)

Wait until the installation is complete. The installation process will take approximately 10 minutes, it depends on the speed of your flash transfer.

When finished click reboot to start installing Linux using your flash, or press Exit to exit the program.

Here is the view of the flash is ready to be used to install Linux.

Before installing the BIOS settings do not forget your laptop or PC to be able to boot from flash. Usually you can also press the F1, F2, F12, ESC, or backspace. Each PC or laptop different way of setting. 

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